Thursday, March 20, 2008

Covert Hypnosis

Covert Hypnosis
This constitutes a set of techniques by which you can proceed to use hypnosis as an everyday mode of behaviour with the sole purpose of influencing people.

We all would love it if whoever we met, strangers or not, takes kindly to us, leans towards us and a bon-homie develops. It need not be love at first sight but even a leaning towards each other would be a very pleasant experience, isn't it? To that extent we would not need to take out our armoury for daily combat but could put store on our mutual rapport to make your day go smoothly.

Yes, there is a way that leads you on to such a beautiful garden path of good rapport with everyone. This would be true even for difficult people that you face day in and day out, like your boss, that cantankerous customer, that condescending rich jerk you have to strike a deal with...

The skill that you need to build in yourself is all well documented in this package. It is a proven but secret method that is fast becoming a rage on the internet. It teaches you secrets that had been kept under wraps for years and is being revealed in all its glory.

No longer do you have to be at the wrong end of the stick, the wrong end of a one sided relationship or fall out of favour in a politically charged set up at office or elsewhere. You will learn methods by which to hypnotize anyone anywhere. Even a large number of people at once could all be made to think similarly. Virtually anyone could be convinced regarding your superiority. It would be extremely difficult for anyone to contradict you. They would feel withing themselves that is fundamentally wrong to disagree with you.

The three major techniques that you would learn from this package of audio downloads are these:

IRON MAN pattern that you run on yourself to encapsulate you with a shield of confidence that cannot be scarred. You will face any situation or event in life with a sense of invincibility. This feeling itself would make you take the right steps in the right direction. 'You cannot fail' will be the refrain that would ring in your heart.

BLACK MIRROR operation which will make anyone like you in their first meeting with you. Anyone you meet even first time, would feel friendly towards you. Of course that would be precisely because of the verbal and non verbal methods of communication that you would be employing unfailingly everytime.

NO CLEAVER technique is the hypnotic spell that you could put anyone into which will put the other person in the right frame of mind to accept what you say and feel that it is fundamentally wrong to disagree with you. You rule after that.

The point is that it is really possible to influence others. There are time tested methods and there are these underground black op methods that are sure to hit the bull's eye when you want others eating out of your hands.

There is more with this package

  • You would never wait in line ever again. People would insist on letting you go first.

  • Learn how to fall asleep instantly, magically.

  • Learn how to wake up at the exact time (without an alarm clock)you want by activating your biological clock to your advantage.

  • Never miss an appointment again. Your inner clock being activated would perform accurately for that.

  • Preplant triggers in anyone's mind to make them do what you want and only when you want it.

  • How not to be vulnerable in any, even strenuous situation.

  • How to use just body language to make anyone concur with you.

This course is a rough and ready ensemble of the most effective techniques sure to bring you success in all your endeavours. You can influence other people like you never could have imagined. At the same time you learn to use hypnosis on yourself such that you are more in tune with yourself and proceed to do the right thing at the right time. You cut procrastination off of your life. You get full control over your biological clock for stellar time management skills.

For your all round success in life, go for the Underground Hypnosis course. You must experience these secret methods yourself and feel the blast of power sweep through your being. Turbocharge your relationships and your life with these techniques. Influence everybody that you encounter. Power your success. As best as you could. Perform upto a level you never thought possible. Blast it.

Sunday, March 2, 2008

How to Lose Weight by hypnosis

Have you tried everything under the sun for losing weight and the result has been the same. Or maybe you have had some success but there has been a massive relapse once you got off the regimen. And tell you what, there has not been a person who has not gotten off his regimen once in a while. It is natural. It can always happen. But does that mean you can never come round to seeing yourself with those dream abs ?

You can.

You see the challenge is on two levels:

  1. following a regimen, i.e. having the tenacity to follow a regimen and

  2. secondly, to have a system that holds your efforts up even when you lay off for a while: is it possible?

Well, yes it is.
To have the tenacity you must train your mind. Your MIND. Yes, you ought to get out of procrastination, you must resist your cravings, you must avoid going on a binge etc etc. Difficult. The tasks may be difficult, they surely are, but the training process to get your mind to become rock steady in its resolve, isn't.

It is through Hypnosis. It teaches your mind to wire up the habit forming thougts that you want in yourself. There are many ebooks available in the market. We'll tell you about them in a minute.

Now for the other plank, that of a system of exercize, food intake etc that treats your body holistically and does not tinker too much with your internal body chemistry. Here, we would rather point out how the celebrities do it. They would have the best system, you bet. And how would it be if you could lay your hands on the exact system that they follow to maintain their oh! so perfect! figures.

Find such a system here. It is by Christopher Guerriro. He calls it The Total Body Transformation System and it is one dynamite of a package. The main feature I liked is that it addresses your all-round progress

  • towards being fit,

  • having bursts of energy to accomplish your goals and also talks about

  • how you could fit in his regimen even into the most hectic of schedules

Christopher Guerriro is one hell of a guy. He adds two bonuses which are very practical additions to his package.

  1. A workbook which works on your will power to go thin. It works. And

  2. a workbook to streamline your workouts to be done just twice a week.

Now for the other plank of hypnosis. How to induce positive thoughts directly onto your inner mind to see your outward behaviour get wired-up to the inner whisperings. You don't even have to make any extra effort during your day. The new attitudes take root subliminally and the change in your outward behaviour simply happens.

Here is Valerie Dawson, a hypnotherapist with an immense list of testimonials, people acknowledging her help in kicking their bad habits to get into a healthy lifestyle. Even established doctors recommend her and refer their patients to her for a hynotically effective solution.

The Total Body Transformation System costs $ 97 and is really worth it as it gives you all that you need to know to get thin. And stay that way. Without making you feel guilty about not doing enough. This package is endorsed by celebrities. It's win win.

Valerie Dawson has priced her product at $ 97 too and it is going to make sure you could say no to that sinful cake too many. It builds it up from the inside. And you would be immensely thakful to her for that. For life. Changing one's attitude. Very few people accomplish that in life. You could be one of them.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Are you tired of bumbling around life trying to make head or tail out of what people have on their minds. Do you really understand why your boss takes such a great liking for that 'pucker-face' and not you. Would you give an arm and a leg to know how to get him to back you. No matter what.

Do you really want to know why people behave as they do. What makes them form alliances and cliques you couldn't get on the right side of. What would it take to have meaningful interactions with everyone. How to puncture the petty politicking that assails you?

Basically, what to do to have them EATING OUTTA YOUR HANDS?

Well, believe it or not, there is a way.

The word itself seems to be loaded, giving the impression that essentially what you do is go about hypnotizing others and they fall into a trance and you get them to do your bidding.

What if there were a nicer way when they WOULD fall into a trance but wouldn't know that they did. What if you did not need to enlist their active support in being your willing subject for inducing hypnosis. What if it could all happen naturally.

That is the way of Conversational Hypnosis and the one by Igor Ledochowski is phenomenal. He packs his course with zillions of explosive methods proven to have them all follow your wishes without them knowing. It is a subtle domain of suggestive inclusions of targeted words into your sentences. And playing with the syntactical structure of your spoken sentences in active parleys with your subject. These methods are seen to be believed. Rather, they are to be used in your daily life and you will be amazed by the potency of these artifices. People cannot but agree with you even when you make outlandish or zany suggestions.

Igor offers 12 power-packed sessions and here I give you a sneak peek into each with a small summary of some awesome methods you'd be learning and practising in this course.
Here goes:
Session 1: The Power of Conversational Hypnosis
This is an introductory session to give you an idea of the immense possibilities in here.

Session 2: Rapport and Signal Recognition
This is a very powerful session designed to build the techniques for striking an instant rapport with anyone by reckoning the verbal and non-verbal cues from your subject.

Session 3: Hypnotic Language Foundation
Here Igor gives you the fundamentals of how to use language to your advantage. These are the must-have traits that you shouldn't do without.

Session 4: Authority Strategy
How to establish yourself as an authority whenever there is any discussion you participate in.

Session 5: Emotional Triggers
This is where you learn to control your subject's feelings as well as images in his mind.

Session 6: Advanced Hypnotic Language
Learn hot words that have explosive emotional appeal. Hypnotic words that put them in a trance. Everyday activities used as tools for hypnotising. Action accelerators that calls the subject to action immediately and he cannot refuse. And many more.

Session 7: Destroy Resistance with Stories
This is for the tough cookies out there. This method softens the tough ones and makes them toe your line after a while.

Session 8: Conversational Inductions
This is where, most naturally, you learn to address the subliminal mind directly, conversationally.

Session 9: Destroy Resistance with Stories Part II
More methods to become a hypnotic raconteur.

Session 10: Advanced Frame Control
Frames are a covert arsenal of persuasion and you'd soon be a master in it.

Session 11: Conversational Trance Formulas
'Secret Techniques' designed to get a problematic person to spell out a solution himself. It includes post hypnotic suggestions sure to succeed.

Session 12: How to Master Conversational Hypnosis
Igor is not satisfied by all that has gone before. He spells out more smashing ideas designed to convert the most recalcitrant of them all to turn putty in your hands.

Incredibly he puts in four more Bonuses into the package which is an offer you simply cannot refuse. Just grab it here. You will not repent it. You couldn't find so many fantabulous tips, tutorials and guidelines for turbocharging your life into a new level of success and prosperity.